When was digital marketing emerged in the world ?

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing refers to the part of marketing that promotes goods and services via the Internet and online-based digital technology including smartphones, desktop computers, and other digital media and platforms.

Evolution of Digital Marketing

Let’s explore some interesting facts about the origin of digital marketing.

Following the development of the internet and the World Wide Web in the 1990s, digital marketing as we know it today started to take shape. Its origins, however, go back considerably farther.

Below is a quick timeline of important occasions in the development of digital marketing history:

1970s – 1980s: The introduction of personal computers and the internet brought forth the precursors of digital marketing. To reach target audiences, companies began experimenting with electronic devices.

1990s: This decade witnessed the internet’s explosive growth and the emergence of modern digital marketing. Online advertising is sometimes credited to AT&T’s 1994 HotWired launch of the first clickable banner advertisement. Businesses might advertise online on search engines like Yahoo! (established in 1994) and Google (formed in 1998).

2000s: Digital marketing tactics and channels saw tremendous expansion in the 2000s. Social media sites like the 2003-founded MySpace and the 2004-founded Facebook gave marketers new ways to engage with consumers. In online advertising, Google AdWords (now known as Google Ads) rose to prominence.

2010s: As smartphones developed, mobile marketing grew in significance. The emergence of platforms such as Instagram (established in 2010) and Snapchat (debuting in 2011) has created new avenues for interactive and visual advertising. As more firms concentrated on producing interesting content to captivate consumers, content marketing also became more popular.

In conclusion, since the start, digital marketing has generally experienced major modifications due to changes in consumer behavior and technological improvements. These days, it includes a broad spectrum of platforms and techniques, such as email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

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